Case Studies

123 rural farmers applied for ‘MO POKHARI’ in NREGS

Radio Namaskar, the only community radio of Odisha has reached at community & now the impact is visible. Its to inform that no 1farmer had applied under MO POKHARI scheme (NREGS) in Gop Block of Puri District. After suggestion of B.D.O.,Gop Block, Radio Namaskar started broadcasting of a announcement regarding MO POKHARI in 1st week of March 2010. In impact of this announcement 123 applications are received by the block administration from the rural farmers of different G.P.s of Gop Block. Out of which 97 worker orders are issued by block administration. Sj. Srimanta Mishra ,BDO,GOP said , “It’s a miracle that after our several intervention through GRS,GP E.O.s & PRIs we did not get any application but now after announcement of Radio Namaskar we got more than 120 applications yet. I came to know from PRI & Citizens of Banakhandi,Mahalpada & Simili GPs that the radio volunteers are also moving around different village & also collecting & broadcasting the voice of village people in Radio Namaskar.It has encouraged the rural masses. I expect more help from Radio Namaskar in all parts of our activities.”

Administration bow at villagers demand

‘Education to All’ the motto of Sarvasikhya Aviyan was a dream in the village named Tailo of Kadua Nuagaon Panchayat of 2Kakatpur Block of Puri district. Neither was Primary School nor Anganwadi Kendra ,for which all the children of that village were far from schooling whereas there was a School 2 km far from the village, was very hard task for the children to go and study there.
As most of the villagers were of laborer classes and unable to send their children far for study, the villagers had been demanding before administration for a school in their village.
Out of 266 children of 44 families, 51 children were of School age out of which 25 children were found unrolled in any school or anganwadi and rest of children were not going to School due to 2 km far distance of the nearest school. It is seen that 16 children were not getting facilities from the nearest Anganwadi centre as well as 9 children are unrolled. This information was repeatedly broadcasted by Radio Namaskar. Finally administration declared a new project school, made functional from 24th May,2010.

Dalit Girl SWARNA admitted in school

Swarna(7 Years) admitted in class-II of Brajabandhu Nodal Pry School after intervention of Radio Namaskar.

Swarna with her mother Rita Mati & brother(3yrs) staying in a cottage at Kusupur Bazar as shown in the picture. As her mother failed to provide birth certificate & fathers name, Swarna was out of school.
After intervention of Radio Namaskar yesterday the BRCC,Gop Block directed for admission of SWARNA in Brajabandhu Nodal Pry School ,Kusupur u/s 14 of RTE.  Now Swarna is happy with her classmates.

At last, Dalit Girl MEETA got admission in school.

Meetarani Mallick ,7 years/ d/o- Jatadhari Mallick of Anasara village (Gop Block) was not admitted in school after repeated request to HM. HM was demanding for birth certificate, which was not available with Meeta’s parents. This was broadcasted in Radio Namaskar with reference to RTE Act. Today BRCC reached at school, inquired the matter & finally MEETA admitted in school.

Odisha Govt changed its procurement and supply policy.
Radio Namaskar is broadcasting several jingles on different govt schemes & programmes. A jingle was also broadcasted on ICDS (Integrated Child Development Scheme) which got notable response from listeners. In impact of this jingle village women started demand for proper quantity of feeds supplied under this scheme for children & pregnant women, it was ensured by the admn in most of the ICDS centers. But the supplied DAL was insect infested in most of the centres.One day a team of women reached at Radio Namaskar with sample pocket of insect infested DAL & it was sent to Prime Minister office & Chief Minister office that day. This Pocket of Dal was sent for laboratory testing by Prime Minister Office and report said that 71% Dal was insect infested & unfit for human consumption. After intervention of GoI, Govt of Odisha taken action & vigilance exposed scam of more than Rs.2000 crores. As an impact, Odisha Govt changed its procurement and supply policy.

165 Schools declared as Zero Drop Out Zone 4

Radio Namaskar has started a campaign “Chala School Ku Jiba”(Let us go to School) to ensure participation of all children of this locality in school. Young India had adopted 15 villages as intensive villages for this purpose. In impact of this episodes of “Chala School Ku Jiba” all the drop out students of 15 villages returned to school. The concerned govt authority declared these villages as ZERO DROP OUT ZONE.  In impact of this campaign, dropout students of other 150 schools of this locality also returned to school. It has been reported by the local authority of Education Dept.

Dalit Woman Kau Kahala got widow pension 6

Radio Namaskar broadcast the story of Kau Kahala, a dalit widow in her sixties who was not getting her widow pension. “Banakhandi Gram Panchayat officials refused to release my pension,” says Kahala. “After I spoke about my plight on radio, the administration took note.”The administration released Rs 4,000, Kahala’s pension of the last 20 months.