Our Programmes

Chasa Basa Katha ( ଚାଷ ବାସ କଥା ) : A magazine on Agriculture .This is the interactive session among local farmers & experts.

Jana Soochana (ଜନ ସୂଚନା) : Information about Govt. Welfare schemes / program/Act/ Citizen Entitlements etc.

Hala Chal (ହାଲ ଚାଲ୍) : Interactive discussion on local programs & happenings.

Ajira Nari  (ଆଜିର ନାରୀ ) : Women based program with information on women rights, issues, gender concerns & day to day information on women in society.

Yuba Barta (ଯୁବ ବାର୍ତ୍ତା)  : Youth based program basing upon carrier, sports, voluntarism , better citizenship etc

Chala Gaon Ku Jiba (ଚାଲ ଗାଂକୁ ଯିବା) :  An interactive program on village, with situation / problem / issues-generally recorded from PO, CBO, SHG, VO etc.

Angya Namaskar (ଆଜ୍ଞା ନମସ୍କାର)  : Interview with noted personalities/citizens from community on different issue based topics.

Chithhi Paichhu (ଚିଠି ପାଇଛୁ) :  Listeners Letter presentation.

Shisu Raija  (ଶିଶୁ ରାଇଜ) :  Children based weekly episode.

Chala School ku jiba (ଚାଲ ସ୍କୁଲକୁ ଯିବା) :   Campaign to reduce school dropout in schools.

Mita Pain Gita Tie (ମିତ ପାଇଁ ଗୀତଟିଏ) :  A cultural program by/for the listeners to be produced from community. It promotes sharing & coordination among listeners.

Janata Darbar (Citizens’ Court) ( ଜନତା ଦରବାର) : People’s forum to raise voice of voiceless through Radio

Janile Jiniba (ଜାଣିଲେ ଜିଣିବା) :  Its special daily episode based on women health and nutrition.