Food Security

India’s high economic growth rate in the past decade has not been fully reflected in the health status of its people, with 22 per cent of its population undernourished. It is at times assumed that the relationship between economic growth and health is unidirectional with improving economic conditions leading to better health. India bears the ignominy of housing the largest population of malnourished in the world. Awareness of   the prevailing situation in India today and understanding the dimensions   of food security can help drive home this point better. Nothing can bring out the social responsibility role of community radio than the challenge of covering mass deprivation and building a public agenda to overcome massive social deficits on the food and nutrition fronts. Radio Namaskar has been playing a more informative and insightful pro-active role in educating the community on the vital issues at stake and possible solutions.

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Radio Namaskar received 3 National Community Radio Awards in 2019

Radio Namaskar received three national awards from Sh Prakash Javadekar, Hon’ble Minister, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India in various categories at the 7th Community Radio Sammelan at New Delhi. Two first prizes received in thematic category of National Awards for Community Radio-2018 for its programme ‘Ama Khadya’ and in community engagement category […]

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Women in Front

Women play a pivotal role in the development of any country. Women’s status is the best indicator of progress of any nation. Status and development of women influence the development of country, as they not only constitute half of its population, but also influence growth of the remaining half of its population. The women in rural areas are deprived of minimum facilities like health, education , Information and many more.

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Youth For Development

‘Youth for Development’, is a philosophy emphasizing the uniquely symbiotic nature of youth development to community development by situating the two practices in a common framework. It combines the natural instincts of young people as they desire to create change in their surrounding environments by developing partnerships with like minded organizations to serve their communities […]

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